söndag 12 februari 2012

This is for all ravelers

It's okey that you hate me, it's okey that you love me, it's okey if you think i'm disgusting doing what i do, but i will continue.

The human body has ALWAYS interested me and sex is something close to my heart. It's something every humanbeing will encounter in their life at some point. Maybe for pleasure, maybe for the longing of having a kid, or a different reason. It's important with sexed for young people. All over the world TODAY HIV and AIDS and other STD's are getting bigger numbers in the youth population cause they haven't had the sexed needed or is just careless cause that's what their parents have teached them.

When parents don't take their responsibility with sexed your daughters and sons will make big mistakes that they don't know the extend of. When you son is knocking up a girl he has the responsibility for the REST of his life for that kid. And it's really important that you teach your kids the extend of what and STD can do to your life and how much time, money and the responsibility it is to have a kid.

When you say sex and the human reproduction organs is disgusting, it's what you reflect to the kid. How is it ever going to like themselves if they're disgusting? How are they ever going to be able to come to you if something happens? If this is what you want, go on, but it will affect the coming generation of your kids, and grandkids and grandgrandkids..

When this happens it creates and unsafe environment for your kid. Do you really want that?
Do you want a kid that's afraid to ask you stuff like "What should i do? Can you please help me?"?

And i ask you, why do you think STD's are getting higher numbers in young ppl? Why teenpregs are getting higher numbers? If you have an answer or a thought about it, please reply!

/Sandra Bowser Magnusson

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  1. Go Sandra! Gissar på att de flesta på Ravelry som blir upprörda inte är bosatta i Sverige? Fattar inte att folk orkar bli upprörda och du för in virkningen på 2000-talet!

    1. Det är inga svenskar som blir upprörda, alla är bosatta utanför svearikets gränser :P