tisdag 14 februari 2012

For all ravelers 2 (lesson about respect)

I'm guessing you all have an opinion about my work, either you think it's good or you think it's bad. And I'm okey with either thing. But what I don't like is when people go offending others, don't show respect and then expect to get respect back from what he/she do/says.

I can make a  relation to that, I'm an atheist, I don't believe in God. I don't like it when religious people try to convert me into whatever religious point of view they're into and just babble on about their God with me. Does that give me the right to offend that person for what he/she believes in or say or do? If I was a kid who didn't know anything about ethics and morale I would have said yes. But as an adult I say no. Even tho I don't want Godtalk up my ass everyday it happens, but I don't complain or rage on other people who believe. I give those people respect by understanding their point of view of things in life.

If you're a knitting police who reads this text, maybe you should think about what you say or complain about. Think about what you do that could make people angry and rage on you. Do you want others to disrespect you for what YOU do or think is right? Maybe it's about time for you to grow up and become adults and show respect instead of disrespect, it's okey to not like what people do but it's not okey to disrespect and offend others. Because for what I've seen.. You're not adults.

Luvable hugs to you all (yes, even you knitting polices, I like you too even tho you're a pain in the ass sometimes)


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